Ignore single tags from a user?

Is it possible to ignore single tags from a user? Example: I follow the tag #politics, but now I get spammed with messages from a single newspaper. I want to follow this tag but without the #politics messages from this account.

Btw. it would be nice to highlight the tag in the message that’s responsible for the message being displayed in my stream.

If you ignore the account, you shouldn’t get any messages from it anymore.

That’s the point, I don’t want to ignore the account completely, I just want to ignore some tags. E.g. I want to follow an account on tag #a and #b, but not on tag #c.

IFAIK the only thing you can do is following tags, not ignoring them.
Should this become a feature request?
More choice and option to finetune what to follow and add the option to ignore certain #tags (maybe even on a per account basis)

That would be a great feature. I just started using Diaspora but this immediately caught my eye.