Implement RSS feed reader

Here are some thoughts:

  • Diaspora* need more content to be more attractive, and lacks some activity (compared to other social networks)
  • Most of websites does not include a D* button, so sharing things on D* is not as easy as for Fb or Twitter
  • Lots of people come from Facebook and miss their favourite pages that does not exist here
  • RSS feed are a very general way to follow websites activity. It is even possible to follow Facebook pages that way (see an example in french)

That’s why I think it may be a good idea to implement a feed reader in Diaspora*.

This could bring us selected content, be a good alternative to the “like” of Fb pages, incitate people to spend time on D*, and could greatly facilitate the sharing of articles (a feed could be directly be reshared within D*). What do you think?

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Oh I second that
populating the stream like that would be an interesting thing indeed. At least for me, I read RSS feeds nearly all day long, so diaspora would come fluently into my daily life
I think some people would like that whole bunches

Did you use the search function? There are previous discussions in Loomio, for example this one.

@goob Sorry for the duplicate. I indeed used the search function, and was surprised to see that nobody proposed something similar before. Even now when I try again, the function returns only the present thread… weird!

I’m still hoping for the API to show up. Then, other people can create RSS feed readers/posters instead of baking it into Diaspora itself. That will also handle the zillion and one problems with reading feeds (there is a lot of errors in reader which is why it is better to have a separate process handling those).

I’d vote for this, it’d save me running bots :slight_smile:

How do Friendica do it?

@globulle That is weird. Oh well, never mind!

To others: shall we discuss on the established thread?