Importing and exporting contacts through pods

Is it posible to export contact from a pod and import them into another pod?

For example, I have account in two pods, lets say A and B: I want to export the contacts in pod A and import them in B.
Contacts should recieve the “share aproval” request as usual when I import them in B.

Is this possible?

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I think that the main problem here is the “bottleneck” situation: If I have 1000 contacts in A, all of them have to be computed in B for sending the aprovals and adding them to the database.Maybe some limits are needed.

Before it was there discussion, which was aimed to login user in any diaspora pod, but this was rejected by team.
Anyway i think this is good idea, login at any diaspora pod.
Maybe with share aproval.
This is still problem in diaspora and solving isn’t there.

Christian, the “bottleneck” is already there, if you want to call it a bottleneck. When I want to move to another pod, I have to search the users, click on their profile and add them. Why do you think, that an automatic tool for this usecase will be a performance-issue more like doing it manually?

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