Impossible connection

hello everybody ,
I lost my password and the login email does not exist anymore! I deleted the site! oops, so is it possible to reconnect to Diaspora otherwise? Or is it lost! it is an old Diaspora it would be hard to lose, if someone to an idea … thank you!

Hey there! Sorry you have issues with your account.

Unfortunately, we can’t really help you here - while we are the people building the software, we do not run the servers (named “pods”) that users use. However, I’m happy to get you in touch with someone who can help you.

Do you remember which pod, i.e. which server, you used? If you do, I can provide you with contact details to the people running your pod, who can tell you more about your account. :slight_smile:

To add one tiny thing to Dennis’s helpful response, the name of the pod you registered on will be the second part of your diaspora* ID. So if you have a record of that, you can work out which pod you were on. If, for instance, your diaspora* ID was, then the pod you registered on was

Alternatively, if you by any chance kept any email you ever received from diaspora*, that would have come from your pod and would tell you which domain (and therefore pod) you registered on.

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merci , c est, il y à fla qui gere le pod,mon nom d 'utilisateur est “rosebug” un blog de photos, peinture , art .désolé quand meme pour le dérangement !

Well, uh, this community is supposed to be English-only, and I only speak English or German, but from what I gathered, @flaburgan is the person to ping! Let’s see if he replies here, otherwise, you can send an email to, and i’m sure you will get a response :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot the translator this time! thank you very much for your information it’s great!:smiley:

I guess that your username is bbplace. Is this your account?

If yes, then you have to enter “bbplace” and not “rosebug” in the login window.

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Exactly good, happy to see him!
the email address of this account no longer exists, I can not receive new passwords.impossible to log

He reached me via postmaster@. We’re solving this in private now. Thank you everyone for your help.

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