Information only: about design

Excuse me for this message, but i can’t find better solution for informations.
Me question is: Is on plan design customisation?
I mean use own css/scss, images in template folder a possibility to select the template.
This is for me very important.

Thank you for any information.

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Hi @maxsamael

We are currently porting the design from blueprint to bootstrap. Once this will be done, it will be easier to create a modular design.

You can also read this discussion:

@flaburgan Thank you for information, this is good news for me.
BTW: Maybe when you build this change is good thinking forward about separate folder for other themes in case updating.

Good news and good start for diaspora UI. And UX also in next step.

Please, be aware of CSS Injection attacks.

But let’s stick on the other thread!

@ryunoki Maybe i’m not clear there.
The only server admin can do changes in custom css.
No user or visitor.

A server admin can already customise the CSS if they know what they’re doing. They can change the Diaspora software in any way they want. It’s called ‘forking’.

Ok, i’m not clear there :slight_smile:
I mean setup specific folder for template (css, images, structure).
Fork is something other, but templates should be main customisation in every pod.
In case update the diaspora, the templates can be safe, update will be apply outside of templates.
Pod admins can setup specific template.
In this structure cannot it be done, the fork will appears some problems with functionality and problems with updating the pod.

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