Interact with the community to make diaspora* more lively

Hi everyone.

With the coming of all the g+ refugees, I was wondering what we can do to boost diaspora* usage and interactions. I remember when the founders were doing community management mainly with the HQ accounts by launching tags like #thisisme, #thisiswhere, #thisishow. There is also nice tags like #mywork which deserve to be more known. My idea was, to do this kind of community management doesn’t require a deep knowledge of the project. People doing it just need to love diaspora* and get its spirit.

So, first of all, do you like the idea? Should diaspora* interact more with its users?
If yes, is there new people here who want to step up and do this kind of things?
And if yes, what’s the best way to do it? Ideas are posted on this discourse topic, posts are prepared, and then someone with access to the dhq account post it? Or should we open a new separate “diaspora community” account? (That would allow to give it directly in the hands of some new contributors, something we probably don’t want to do with the HQ account).

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I love the idea of helping with outreach and making things more lively from a community perspective. I have never been involved in something along those lines so would be curious to see how that unfolds. I’m a continuous throughout the day D* user though so will be happy to help as a I can though.