As I mentioned on another thread I’ve made enquiries with my local University about getting students to do internships. Do other people on here have Universities near them with Computer Science departments? Could you make similar enquiries?

Also the other thing related to this is money, Bristol Uni were asking for £500 from the project to fund half the cost of the internship. So my question is, does the project have any money to pay for this kind of thing and who looks after that side of things? If we don’t have money for this, maybe we could crowdfund for it.

The other thing that would need to be discussed is how interns would be managed.

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We need a legal foundation for all the money stuff I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe in the future!

Yeah, first thing’s first: get a foundation going, make sure the foundation is funded enough to pay for interns / commissions / bounties / whatever else we can think of.

@Sean, I think as a FOSS, we really need to by transparent about how the project is managed. This includes how the money is used. How many money was received, how it was used, how many money we still have… This is really needed.


Oh I had assumed the project already had some kind of legal structure, so I guess that’s something we need to sort out.

@seantilley-communitymanager I found this :

And there is a pdf doc about how the first 200$ was spend. I didn’t know this website !

Oh yeah, that’s the old Diaspora project site that we’re building a replacement for. That data will be moved over to the new site, so that people will still get to learn about it if they really want to.