Is there a problem with communication strategy?

Last night, I asked a question concerning the the likely better option between a bulletin board and setting up a diaspora account.
This morning, the question was gone from this board, and my login was closed AND create account was barred from ‘this IP address’.

Wow, that’s a lot of work, over a simple honest question.

Does this indicate a problem with the communication strategy?
Or am I missing something?

Your comment was 99% cancer-relateed blabbel, and 1% maybe related to what we discuss here. It got pre-flagged by our automation, because a very similar wording is used to spam other sites.

If you want to post here, read this Discourse’s rules and stay on topic. We talk about diaspora* here. Not tumors.

It was certainly not spam … no links were mentioned, and the wording was specific to diaspora.

The point was to show context, vis a vis the likely age group, and the fact that the targeted users would not be joining for related feeds or links.

That, of course might develop, if the environment would be interesting to them.
… but the background context was important, to enable Diaspora users to indicate their judgement (in this case).

Simply asking if a bulletin board would be better than a diaspora account … would be meaningless.


Your post started off by depicting claims that you “cured” “cancer”. You then followed on by explaining conspiracy theories. Even ignoring that, it’s quite clear that you spend no time in actually researching this project, because there are multiple threads about using diaspora* as a blog (spoiler: it’s a bad idea) or using diaspora* as a file hoster (spoiler: not possible). So you either did not read the rules that apply to this Discourse, or you don’t care.

I don’t care about what you think or do. I also don’t care at all what you post on social media. But this Discourse is not diaspora*, it’s the official place to have productive discussion about diaspora* and its development run by the project’s team. This is not a place to spread and promote your “ideas”, and we will not let you do that.

If you can’t ask questions without “context”, then well, don’t.

That’s fine … I won’t :slight_smile: