Is there an easy way to know the time of inactivity required for automated account deletion?

Is there an easy way to know the time of inactivity required for automated account deletion before choosing a pod without asking the podmin directly?

Since many pods have different rules in this aspect… could it be possible to know at the moment of signing up?

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Hi the default is 6 months first warning mail then another mail 6 months later and then deletion. That’s how I setup mine at least and didn’t change the option.

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IFAIK the default is that expiration of accounts is not set.
Personally I did set it on a very long period: 3years. and a first warning at 3 months prior to deletion.
Unless the podmin explicitly announces this in, for instance, the ToS of the pod, (if the podmin enabled the ToS you can find it at https://yourpod/terms) you can not know this setting.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I said this because I had an account on, and it was deleted after 3 months. I didn’t see the mail so the data I have there was lost forever.

There should be a change on the TOS to say this stuff to allow the users know it before signing up

I don’t believe that any podmin would have auto-delete set to such a short period. In any case, auto-delete only takes place once an email alert has been sent and the person has not responded (simply clicking the link in the email) within a set period of time.

It is almost certain that your account was deleted either (a) because the podmin did it manually, possibly because you contravened ones of the pod’s standards, or just possible (b) by accident. Or – and this happens surprisingly often – you’ve forgotten the details you originally used (login name and password) for the account and now think it has been deleting because the details you’ve remembered are not correct.

If you want to contact the podmin of Freehuman, you can find the admin account at the end of the list on – enter that and into the search bar in diaspora* and you should find them. They might be able to help you work out what happened in your case.


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Mmm as I said I haven’t see this thing hahahaha

60 days that is really short! IMO too short…

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Yep :confused: Hope this thing would appear on the terms of use/service since each podmin put the ones they want.