Is tom scott the new SABDFL for diaspora?

Is this what we mean by community governance?

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Mistakes are not accepted? Please keep personal issues away from a decision making tool :stuck_out_tongue:

Jason, I saw his later comments only after posting here. Mistakes are accepted, of course. No one is perfect.

He did not mention he is closing it for spam, even if it is spam, can he close an issue just like that?

Maybe before slagging off someone in a discussion/decision making tool you might have complained in the actual issue and waited to see if the mistake is corrected :slight_smile:

Tom Scott is a member of the Diaspora github organization so he has the power to work with the issues and code:

I thought it fit here because it is about decision making. Anyway, since this is fixed, we can stop the discussions here.

Jason, btw, I did complain on the actual issue Though I could have waited for a response for sure. People should be careful about closing issues like this too.

This was more of an administration task than anything else. I am in no way asserting any kind of authority over anyone else. I chose to close the issue because I believed it may be some kind of spam, like the shit we received a few days ago from “sweetyluv”, whom I promptly reported to Github since it was obvious spam about Viagra or something. If you check my other comments, you can see that this was obviously a strange circumstance and know that I don’t just close issues without thinking.

Again, major apologies if I offended you. Definitely owe you a beer or something if we ever meet in person. :slight_smile:

Tom, I don’t drink beer, but iced tea would be cool :slight_smile: