Joindiaspora missing password reset emails

Hi, (I know this is this the diaspora forum, not joindiaspora, but I’m having troubling finding any help on JD so asking here:)
I have been away for a few months and have a new machine and lost my joindiaspora password. I enter my email and request a password reset, it says it’s coming in a few minutes but it doesn’t come. I have checked my spam folder. Any suggestions on what I should do or how to contact JD admins to alert them of the problem. My account is from the very beginning so I don’t want to lose it!

Hi Charles, and welcome to Discourse. You’ve come to the best place, given that you were unable to find help from the pod’s welcome screen.
Let’s ping @zauberstuhl, who’s the podmin, here and hope he sees this. If you want to contact him by email, his address is listed in the pod’s Terms of Service, via a link in the footer of the pod’s welcome screen. Hope you get it solved!

Thanks very much goob, I have contacted the admin by email now too, will see what comes back.

Great stuff Charles. I’ll mark this as solved, as you’ve been able to contact the podmin. If it turns out you need any further help, feel free to add to this thread.

The pod admin has manually reset my password so I’m back in now – thanks for the help.

Good news! Glad I could help.