jquery.mentionsInput is now unmaintained (and would need fixing)

we have a slight problem with the jQuery plugin we use for creating mentions in the publisher: It has been unmaintained for about a year, and with our recent update to jQuery 1.10+ it will (almost certainly) need some adaptions…

Our current version already has some minor modifications, but in this situation we might even consider forking it completely and taking over maintainership under the diaspora* organization on GH.
Is that something we’d want to do or do we just want to keep privately modifying it to work for our purposes?

link: https://github.com/podio/jquery-mentions-input

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Is there any other plugins we could use instead of this one?

haven’t looked for an alternative yet…

Wherefore is it used?

@ryunoki Let me quote @florianstaudacher:

the jQuery plugin we use for creating mentions in the publisher

When you mention someone in the publisher you only see his name instead of @{ name ; diasporahandle }. That is done by the plugin.

Thank you.

That plugin has 157 forks on github. Most of them seem to work independently. And I haven’t found any information in the changesets yet that show support for jQuery 1.10 (but messages like “update jquery.mentions.js” could mean anything). If I had to choose, I would fork https://github.com/protonet/jquery-mentions-input as one of the most current.

thanks for investigating!
that fork looks promising, and the commit you mentioned (“update jquery.mentions.js”) looks like it might solve the problem that came from updating jquery.

anyone up for replacing it, making sure our stuff keeps working? :stuck_out_tongue: