"lane" streams to improve news categorizations

today diaspora show new post in (just) one stream that flow from top to bottom of the web page.
All the hash-tags and aspect mixed together.

To separate difference informations It could be useful to split hash-tags and/or aspect into “flow”,
= columns that contain one or more tags or aspect, for example
|#freesoftware, | #family | #work |
|#GPL, #Linux | #friends | #job |
| | | |
| | | |

like in https://chaos.social/

The change from the current view to the “flows” view could be completely transparent, since the current view could be considered 1-flow view.

Flows should be configurable, that means ordered from left to right or vice-versa, as many as one can handled/choose, different colors, …

thank you for this wonderful project



There have been various discussions about filtering the stream using #tags. Here is a couple:

There are others. Hope they will help you.

I have red other discussion about tags.
My proposal is more about visual representation of the news flow rather than a classic filter for tags.
It’s about grouping together some tags and show them in different columns, so grouped tags are “prioritized” and put in evidence compared to other less-interesting tags/news.
They would have their “lane”, not mixed with other tags/aspects.
This could resolve also the difficult to follow groups one belongs to

And this web interface change can be completely painless since the default/current configuration
would be 1-lane flow.

Like this, for example:

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