Less Talk, More Do!

Max and Daniel left the development team and the commits slow down for the last six month. How we can speed up the development process? How do we motivate and help developers? If you are a developer - what do you need to dive into?

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Need more devs since I don’t think the current developers can put more time as they surely have their own lives :slight_smile:

Personally I’m on a break after giving five or so pulls as I need to do another project. Will be able to do some D* stuff again within 2-3 weeks.

We just need more contributors.

Max and Daniel were/are being paid to work on D*, technically. We all have day jobs and unfortunately I must spend most of my time coding on that. But in my off hours I’ve been doing more contributions to D*.

New contributors might want to take this one on: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/3795 :wink:

One approach that we’re looking at is building up a stronger user/developer outreach. @robinstent-outreach had a great idea of appealing to local Ruby user groups and universities with students studying Rails. We’ve had a few new potential devs register to Loom.io because of Robin’s help.

We’re in the process of transition, and there’s much to be done. The people who are chipping in and helping have done a great job in cleaning up the code.

I think we need to make it more clear that we use the Newcomer tag on GitHub for easier bugs. I think it’d be good to highlight the bugs that just about anyone could fix, and point new devs towards that, in order to better understand how the system works.

The newcomer tag on github is a great way for people to get involved. But it would be great to know what features would be nice to have, (development wishlist still valid?), otherwise people have to struggle with github issues, which is kind of hard without knowing the codebase.