Like functionality

Like functionality is very slow. Try clicking on like button on … try clicking again n again you’ll come to know what i wanted to say.

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This isn’t really a matter of policy or community governance, which is what Loomio is for. If you think this is a bug and others have confirmed it, Github is the place. However, if you’re on, it’s probably a problem with the performance of that notoriously poor-performing pod rather than a bug in Diaspora’s core code, so there’s no point reporting it in Github. You just need to move to a better pod!

See for the future.

Are you trying to report a bug?

I don’t have an account on JD so I can’t click ‘Like’.

Is this not a performance issue with either the server response and/or the client browser performance?

I notice no lag or delay what so ever on the DG2 pod when clicking ‘Like’.

@rich1 (Are you trying to report a bug?) no im not, i was reading about new features on ( ) so i thought first to improve the functionality which already exists and then move on to new features…

Liking on Geraspora is somewhat sluggish, too …

So maybe, big pods are affected?

First, I discovered an old discussion about liking comments here, today.

Second, @jasonrobinson shared a post on diaspora* today, which was written by @rasmusfuhse

Notable, this opinion:

At the end is the experience: blubber is not a marketing-driven network that wants to make money and create like-statistics to get marketing profiles it can sell to customers. Blubber only wants to be a tool for communication and collaboration and doesn’t need likes. Blubber is not facebook. So I simply left it away.

I think, we should consider this here, too. Blubber was the social network written by Rasmus.

I don’t think we can take the likes away from the diaspora-users. For a collaborative network likes are useless, but for a #catcontent-network (and yeah, diaspora is that) likes are necessary to the users.

But to be egoistic: I wouldn’t mind if someone erases the like-feature. Was that your intention, Ryuno-Ki?

I don’t think we can take the likes away from the diaspora-users.

You’re probably right, but I wish we could… I hate them. And I agree with you that they are for marketing/advertising/revenue generation/page ranking, none of which diaspora does, and are useless for actual communication. It’s another thing in which I wish diaspora would ‘dare to be different’, but it seems there’s a fear of upsetting users, who naturally expect what they know in Facebook/Twitter to be present in another network.

i really like how ( is doing things. Diaspora need client side framework to speed things up.

Don’t take my likes away :frowning: I’d love comment likes to come back too :slight_smile:

@rasmusfuhse My intention was, to start a discussion (maybe fired up by the podmins on diaspora*?) about why users want to “like” posts (and comments).

Maybe it’s simply a lack of awareness of these marketing background. And after all, Piwik was removed due to a similar reason.

Well, I wouldn’t compare likes with piwik, because the liking is a user-feature and piwik is a feature for the admin. In fact piwik has nothing to do with diaspora itself and should only be set up by the admin, if he/she wants to.

But yeah, I agree that the discussion might be useful.

Agreeing with @jasonrobinson

Don’t take the likes away :((

I’d love comment likes to come back too :))

My 2 cents about likes. If we abandoned likes, I’m pretty sure we get into massive “awesome!”, “I like it.” or “wow” comments explosion. Moreover, I like the way Facebook utilises likes - giving more liked/commented posts more display. While in most cases it’s not needed (a snowball effect + filtering bubble), knowing what’s “hot” on the network would be nice.

@macieklozinski I agree with you.

I think that the like functionality as it works now is pretty useless: ok, you can boost the ego of the user who posted the post you like, that’s all.

Instead, i’d find it very useful if it could improve a post’s visibility. Basically it’s (partly) what i suggested in the “Updated Stream” suggestion in another thread.

No… I hate it when posts which are more ‘popular’ have more visibility. That’s one of the bad Facebook/Reddit/Google type behaviours.

However, one possibility would be to add a stream filter ‘Popular posts’, which ranked posts according to numbers of likes/comments/reshares, in the way that My Activity ranks by time of most recent activity. I wouldn’t mind that, because it wouldn’t affect the ranking of posts in other streams.

@goob that’s exactly my idea: just an opt in feature or a different stream…

Actually the real popularity of a posting would be something like this
(likes + comments * 2) / (contacts of the user).

Even better would be not to divide by the number of contacts but to take the mathematical distribution of likes for postings of that user in the last months and calculate if the given posting is higher or lower with likes + comments than the average.

But imagine this complex calculation in an sql-statement and how the database would go down with hundreds of requests over huge tables. Ahhh!

I’d say, let the users themselves decide which posting is popular and which isn’t by looking at it. But there is still the problem, that some users don’t want to see all postings by all their contacts. We could solve that by enabling customized streams for users, so that users could filter some postings tagged with a hashtag #catcontent away. But that is a different discussion and not about likes anymore.

I’d say, let the users themselves decide which posting is popular and which isn’t by looking at it.

Well, I’d say 'Let users decide which post is worth looking at and which isn’t by looking at it, regardless of how ‘popular’ it might be. I think maybe that’s your point as well. :slight_smile:

@goob It could work as far as you have just few posts to check; if you have many posts you cannot always take the time to check them all before choosing which one is worth reading…