LiquidFeedback as Community Governance Platform

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Proposal: LiquidFeedback as Community Governance Platform

Lets at least investigate/discuss about it.

While clearly has the better user interface and there’s a hosted version we can use, LiquidFeedback offers a whole lot more features and implements true liquid democracy. We’re not restricted to one proposal per issue but can have several competing ones, decide which to implement in an approval voting system (Yes, that type of voting system has it downsides but works really well if used the right way and can save a lot of time).

The other big feature is vote delegation, allowing one to delegate the own vote to another person you trust. That’s possible per topic so you can choose people who have the same opinion as you in one topic/section while not forced to follow him in another one. Of course you can vote directly any time if you decide to, without any reconfiguring. This allows to ground decisions on a way bigger base without needing everyone to keep up with all the discussion all the time.

The clear downside is of course that we would need to organize hosting and administration ourself.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 0
  • Abstain: 2
  • No: 9
  • Block: 0

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Might be a good idea to give a link to the right place :slight_smile:

Sorry, missed that, it’s :wink:

having multiple options for a proposal would be really nice, and the rest of the features might come in handy when the amount of people who can vote becomes bigger.

Self-hosting is a big downside, though, and it seems rather complicated in my opinion…

So I pulled a test install onto a EC2 spot instance and discovered some other downsides:

  • Likely an configuration error, but after initial sign up I couldn’t sign in anymore.
  • There’s no sign up, admins have to generate invitations by hand.

So for the moment I’ve to say sorry for the noise.

Still I would really, really like competing proposals so I’ll keep exploring what’s out there.

+1 for competing proposals (see Jonne)

just joined here… hello all.
imho LQFB is too complicated.