Make Aspects and Aspect settings Available In Chat Window

It was quite frustrating trying to figure out how to get the chat to work (granted, it’s not working on my server yet…no freaking clue why not…but it’s working on other sites). Turns out I had to go to my aspects settings and click the ‘allow to chat’ button.

I’d like to ask if we could make this more available and prevelent for the chat feature itself, since it IS an absolute required task for anyone in Diaspora, technical and non-technical alike. For those who aren’t technical, going to aspects and finding that button is far too complicated and round-about to get to. Or, can we do this the opposite way? By default make it open chat for all aspects, and allow users to turn it off for individual ones?

I haven’t used Chat on Diaspora. Can you elaborate on the workflow you are thinking of? If I’m thinking of how other platforms work it is during the association process that chat is enabled (with no means of disabling it in many cases). It sounds like what you are describing here.

Currently, all Aspects are disabled for the chat feature, so, if your chat is functioning properly, when you go online, you should see others who are online also who are in your contacts list, but you won’t see this by default. By defuault it’s blank, and you have to go to /yourpod/aspects and then click the ‘edit’ icon for whichever aspect you want to edit. Then on the top right you’re presented with a few options:

  1. Start a conversation
  2. Contacts in this aspect are able to chat with you
  3. Delete


It’s just that this is so hidden for the chat feature itself, that it needs to be moved (or made available in multiple locations), but primarily with the chat system itself, on the bottom right of your page.

Wow! This whole time I thought no one else was on chat so I wasn’t using it. Turns out I hadn’t enabled it on any aspects. I agree it’s a bit circuitous how you get this activated. I was able to do it by following the help but the UI workflow wasn’t intuitive enough for me to divine it on my own. Now I have chat though. Thanks :slight_smile:

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lol I just wish mine worked XD