Make Diaspora a Member of the Free Software Support Network

(diasp_eu) #101

Maybe off topic but we need a blog at for announcements

(Torsti) #102

Once the FSSN process gets going we could start a new discussion on a possible crowdfunding campaing in the (near?) future. Opinion and discussion were diverse, but time for planning and agreement too scarce. Besides, then there’d be no need to overload Abstain in the voting.

(goob) #103

@maxwellsalzberg the vote finishes tomorrow morning 11am GMT, probably before you get up in the States.

As there’s not a single vote yet against transfer to FSSN, it looks safe to include that, and we’ll know the result of the vote on crowd-funding in time for any announcements tomorrow.

(Raphael Sofaer) #104

@maxwellsalzberg Yes, we definitely have consensus in favor of the FSSN transfer.

(Flaburgan) #105

About the donation, let’s simply put the button and say “hey, you can give us money if you want!” and see what happens.