Make podmin e-mail public

@seantilleycommunit That’s a good idea. Just kiss …principle… :wink:
But is there already a way to leave my contact details on

Ok let’s see: D* pods are the central elements and as they store the whole content unencrypted, the users must trust the podmin. So why not suggesting to make his mailadress public, as it is a good proof for trust, doesn’t it?

In Germany for example, every webpage needs an legal impress, so we even have to publish an electronic way for contact.

@matthiasm The purpose of making the podmins e-mail published to everyone (even people that don’t even use diaspora) is for support issues when a user cannot log in to select the mail:to link that the podmin is trusting actual users with. Making it public to everyone, including non-users defeats the purpose because the e-mail account will get so incredibly spammed that the podmin won’t even see the legitimate support requests.

The only solution that I see remaining is a contact form.

There is email at the bottom of each website. Spam is really not a problem, we have nice solutions against that. It’s only a matter of “does the podmin wants to see his email public or not”. We already voted about that anyway, so no need to continue to talk about it.

Well here’s just a final note from me on the subject regarding Spam.

My public facing website registration form, had upwards of 20-80 spam registrations daily, due to bots.

There is a way of cutting this down to practically nothing. And so far its working quite well.

The concept is this :
Have a normal form, that sends an email to the podmin (or nominated email address). Inside that form, have a field hidden in CSS. This field MUST remain blank, for the form to be successfully submitted. Otherwise it just rejects the content.

How this works:
Generally speaking, bots will just fill every field they find on a page with junk, to be able to submit the form. If there is a field, it assumes it MUST put something there. So placing a field inside a form that must remain BLANK, fools the bot into thinking that it must fill the field. Having it hidden in CSS means that a user will not see the field, and therefore not fill it out.

I’ve personally noticed a decrease in spam, of almost 98%.

It also more or less eliminates the need for a Captcha. Combine it with a Captcha, and its more or less perfect.

I still don’t condone a public facing email address, or a form. But if we MUST have something facing the public, I would suggest a form with a field like this. Considering it also means we dont have to rely on captcha’s, its 1 more google service we can drop.

I have a very simple solution: robots.txt denies all. is not known by search engines. No spam bot never reached my pod. My email is written directly on the first page, and I never receive any email from bots :slight_smile:

robots.txt only works when the spammer obeys rules - they can easily choose to ignore robots.txt :wink:

How about creating another e-mail different from the podmin’s email? It would be used just in case of some users facing issues like if they cannot login for example.
This email could also be internally forwarded to the podmin email.
Of course the user also have the option to use the #help tag or other instead.

I mean, of course the #help tag could be used only for an already logged in user.