Messaging and communicating with users not in your aspect
For the strict limitations of only being able to communicate with people in your aspects, apparently the reason is privacy.

However I can see use cases where user might want to be able to

  • be contacted by friends of friends
  • message someone before they become friends
  • communicate privately about sensitive topics

Or in our case if we want to create an events module on top of diaspora people might want to message each other contact details or other relevant messages before they meet (and later maybe become friends :slight_smile: )

Maybe it is on the roadmap to be able to configure the messaging privacy beyond super strict?

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the ‘friends of friends’ information is private (aspects are saved only on the home pod), but I could imagine a user setting where users can ‘allow incoming messages from people not in my aspects’.
In that case I suppose, sending messages to ‘strangers’ will always send out the message (to remote pods) and depending on the recipients setting, the message will bounce or be delivered. (really, very much like email) In case of a bounce you will be presented a failure message in the conversation (e.g “the recipient doesn’t accept messages from you”)

Sounds good the idea from Florian

I agree; Florian’s concept seems great.

Florian, I like the idea. I think that’s a simple enough solution to add a little extra granularity to user privacy settings. Similarly, we could actually cause a message failure if a user is being Ignored by someone, which would give us three tiers with two visible options:

  1. Allow messages from everybody.
  2. Allow messages from only friends.
  3. Never allow messages from Ignored users. (hidden)