Modular model architecture

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Proposal: Modular model architecture

Diaspora* should have a modular model architecture (maybe something like to enable users, podmins, and developers to create various interfaces, plug-ins, and add-ons (whatever they want) so that ANYONE could create one’s own platform experience.

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I like this so far. I think this proposal needs to be adjusted to be more specific of how we’re defining modularity, and different areas to focus on to making this possible.

Sounds logical and good but also sounds like huge refactoring. Maybe a long term plan needs to be drawn for the architecture and then slowly remodel.

Btw, for serious proposal voting more than 3 days is defo needed :slight_smile: Sean, any way to set something longer as default? Two weeks?

I agree Jason, can I change the days to closing?

Yes, you can change the close date and edit the proposal by choosing to edit it in th UI. There should be a drop-down or a button to edit the proposal settings.

I only see “Close proposal” (drop-down ans button). This in “Current proposal”, am I looking in the wrong place?

There’s a small edit button next to “Positions”. Does that take care of it?

Although I feel this is a really good point, this proposal needs some polish, details, and a longer time for people to vote. I’d like to motion to temporary close this one, in favor of something much more detailed that we can say “Yep, these are our specific plans, and this is how we’re going to do them.”

I think as far as talking about implementations go, we might need to make separate proposals.

sounds fine generally , Just a BUT. Can it be made clear here in loom that the follow up proposals have that/some relationship to this one?

The best way I guess is to create a new proposal in this discussion (Create new proposal -button). A discussion can have more than one proposal.