(Monthly) development review

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Yup, like that. See https://joindiaspora.com/posts/47b84dc0a6540132a9551634c2c9a880

I’d do the DHQ post like this:

## diaspora* development
### [month in review (March 2015)]( - link to blog post here)

There have been many changes made to diaspora*'s codebase during March, with 66 pull requests/commits from 14 different contributors. These latest changes will be included with the release of **diaspora* v0.5.0.0**, which is coming very soon!

Say a big thank you to everyone who has helped improve diaspora* this month!

You can read full details of March's development in [this blog post]( - link to blog post here).

This list has been created by volunteers from the diaspora* community. We'd love help in creating a development review each month; if you would like to help us, get in touch via the [related thread on Loomio](https://www.loomio.org/d/rcQeDaEf/monthly-development-review).

We’ll have to insert the blog post link once the admin part of the foundation site is back up. Please check my counting of PRs!

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@goob fixed. sorry for the delay, lots of work stuff…

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Okay, blog post created, you can check if everything is fine here: https://blog.diasporafoundation.org/15 and then I’ll push the publish button.

(goob) #64

Thanks, @dennisschubert and @flaburgan!

Just one small change I suggest: I think we can remove ‘of diaspora HQ’ from the sentence about the RC. I think it’s unnecessary as the blog is also from ‘diaspora HQ’ (i.e. the same people). If you really feel it’s necessary to specify who the post is by, I’d say ‘our post about the release candidate’ as the link, or ‘this post by us’. There are also a couple of other grammar errors in that sentence, I’ll correct them here:

We created a release candidate for **diaspora* v0.5.0.0** at the end of March; read [this message](https://joindiaspora.com/posts/ff21ff60bb5c0132aa721e4fdb37c9f1) to find out more about this.

(I’ve also used the guid for the post to help inter-post compatibility.)

I haven’t checked everything again, but the formatting looks good, so I’d say ‘publish!’ once this sentence has been fixed.

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Awesome Goob, thank you! I’ll publish it soon, 9a.m. in SF and 18h00 in Europe is a perfect time for a blogpost :slight_smile:

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Published on the blog and with diaspora HQ :slight_smile:

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Can we revive this? We should really communicate more on what’s going on. It helps users wait for the next release :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Neff) #69

Agree :thumbsup: It just needs someone who does it :slight_smile: