More email integrations.. post notifications and identity

The reason I posted this on Loomio is because I didn’t get any reply on diaspora… Why do I think I’ll get a reply here? Because loomio sends an email digest. Diaspora needs to be more integrated with email.

A feature I would like to see is a ‘Notify aspects via email’ check box when posting… I’ve been using G+ solely for that feature.

Maybe users could input their personal smtp info to limit server loads, if that is the issue.

Users should be able to add people to aspects that aren’t on diaspora so they get an invitation and email when I post to that aspect.

This might help create a network effect, too…

We should be able to identify with our normal email address, too so others can search users by email or discover all email contacts from an address book file.

If others agree that these are reasonable implementations, I will add a small bounty, maybe others will contribute, too…

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I agree that notifications could be reasonable in some cases, but users need to use it responsibly so they don’t spam their contacts. Of course there should also be an option to disable the receiving of notifications, maybe also on a per-contact basis. And at last I think there should be different ways to receive notifications, not just by email.

If some of this may be implemented, there must be an option to disable email notifications for posts that have the “notify the user!” attribute. So you can disable any bothering via email.

If you want to send some information and want to “push it in their face”… or at least have people really not miss it: Write them a mail. Or maybe - to stay inside diaspora: Write them a new Conversation. If they want mail-notification they will receive mail-notification about a new conversation. :slight_smile:

@j5lx I use this feature on G+ all the time… Occasionally, a friend will ‘spam’ me with it, but I tell them not too, no big deal… most people are careful not to use it often.

Of course there should also be an option to disable the receiving of all notifications… and from specific users, too.

@allahhh IMHO the “problem” is that d*'s contacts are basically just contacts and not necessarily friends - maybe they don’t stop spamming even when you tell them to, while still writing good posts from time to time so you don’t want to remove them from your contacts.

Whatever, an appropriate option would fix this anyway.

Not sure to understand all. From the other side what I would like to have is the possibility to receive a notification everytime some contacts I choose post something, and with an associated tag it would be even better. That way I do not have to log in everyday to check new posts and would not miss anything that counts for me.

From the other side what I would like to have is the possibility to receive a notification everytime some contacts I choose post something, and with an associated tag it would be even better.

That would be a feasible feature. People could define “watchdogs” (by user / by tag) that would notify them via email if a new post has arrived on their pod that matches the conditions.

Great ! I would like that. Alternatively, or in addition, these “watchdogs” might also generate an rss or atom feed that could be integrated in any rss agregator.

As with any feature: There must be someone to implement this and keep track of it and maintain it.

You can add many things to diaspora - in principle. But always keep in mind that the more we add, the more complex it becomes to explain these things to new users… so the first thing is: Do I really need it? Really really? Can’t I work around using existing features?

Of course I know that. Your are right. But unfortunatly I do not know ruby to implement features. As for the use : social networks are a good place to share things and discuss but tends very rapidly to be overwhelming (too much info) and time consumming (even sometimes addictive) So the need for me to be able not to miss important posts without the need to connect every days… (it is another way of using a social network). I have not found any workaround for that on D*.
Thank you and have a nice day !

Is anybody willing to implement this or a version of it? Seems like not a big task and can fit right in to the UI… if there is willingness, I will make a proposal.

I would recommend adopting the approach the Loomio crew are moving towards with email notifications; simple ‘Loud’/‘Quiet’/‘Mute’ sliders. A master slider in the settings are to determine the default for all contacts, and one slider per contact appearing somewhere on their stream page, is very easy to understand. But configured thoughtfully, it gives as much granular control over notifications as a sea of check boxes.

I also suggest replacing the PM inbox in the web interface with just sending the PM text directly to the user’s email address (or XMPP address?), with any response going back to the senders email address via the Pod (with their email address obscured). This could be combined with a check-box option for receiving PMs only from contacts, in case it results in anyone getting too many messages from Diaspora users into their inbox. Another option would be that the default for PMs from contacts would be to send to email, while PMs from users who are not contacts would go into the inbox in the Diaspora interface.

This sounds like a good idea but sane defaults are a MUST