Move the Community Spotlight link from Contacts to somewhere else?

I don’t have the answer, so I’m just throwing this out there for discussion at this stage :slight_smile:

What are peoples thoughts on the only link to the Community Spotlight page being tucked away under the Contacts page?

While I appreciate the page is not a stream as such and it therefore probably shouldn’t be in the main left menu nav (with the other ‘stream’ type links) I’m not sure that it being on the Contacts page is the best place for it.

How about placing an additional link in the drop down menu on the top nav bar or something?

Any thoughts / suggestions?

(I thinking for #newhere users more than anything really)

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Hmmm I don’t see any link :stuck_out_tongue:

This link:


That link appears not to be there in develop (at least, not on - can any other people running develop confirm this?

New-look contacts page

Yeah not on either.

The link is still there. You have to activate the community spotlight in config/diaspora.yml and add users

Ah right. In that case, if hasn’t enabled community spotlight ( @flaburgan - can you confirm this?), it means that there is a different bug, in that the ‘Enable community spotlight’ option still appears on the settings page. I had it enabled and thought that’s why I was seeing most content on that pod! Turns out it’s all tags.

I just signed up on which is running development and the link is there but it’s not contained within the nice box that @goob screenshotted here.

But that’s a whole other topic :wink:

Yeah, community spotlight is not enabled in diaspora-fr. But reference to it are still present (like when a stream is empty, a message advices to check community spotlight). This is a different issue though.

@goob do you want me to activate community spotlight, just to test this?

No, fla, that’s fine, thanks. Rich has found a pod running develop which has comm. spotlight.

So, now that we saw that the link is really here, do we want to move it or not? Being in contacts seems logical because this is where you manage them, but it’s not easy to find. Is it displayed in the right side bar too?

Nope, it’s not in the side bar.

Maybe it should be? :wink: