My pod has vanished! no longer responds to the diaspora app, or to ping.
It’s not on uptime anymore, either.
May I join another pod with my existing username?

Hi there,

That’s a shame. I wonder what has happened. Pods occasionally drop out of the network for different reasons.

You can certainly sign up to a different pod with the same user name (e.g. ‘mcnorlander’), assuming that no one has signed up to that pod with that name before; but your diaspora* ID will be different, as it will include the domain of your new pod rather than

If you have kept backups of your existing account, it will eventually be possible to import those data to your new account – hopefully later this year.

There’s always a chance will come back online in future. If that happens, you could either go back to using your old account on or take a back-up of that account and keep that for import to your new pod, when available. That way you would have lost no data.

Hope that helps! and good luck finding a new home.


That’s just the advice I was looking for.

Great! Glad I could help. Hope it works out for you.

Hmmm. is back online, but not yeat appearing in uptime.

I am genuinely enjoying getting to know this platform better.

Pod Uptime will take a while to register it again. It will wait until it next pings the pod and receives a response. I think it might also take a while after a period off-line for the pod’s reliability score to get high enough for it to appear on the visible list of pods.

But if it’s back on-line and functioning OK, that’s all you need. Good to know it’s not gone for good.