Native Android client

I believe the API is ready to use, so a feature request is a native Android client.

Happy to contribute to a bounty if someone thinks it is feasible. Thanks.

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Hello David and thank you for taking time to open a topic. A native Android is already available, you can find the it there: GitHub - jhass/insporation: Flutter based client for diaspora*
It is not published yet because the API is not released as stable yet, so it won’t work with most of the pods online, but if your pod is running the develop branch, you can already use it.


Hi Flaburgan, thanks very much for that! Glad to hear it. I can’t find the app on F-Droid but will ask about that in a github issue.

Hi David,
there is an f-droid repository linked on GitHub. You can add it to your f-droid to install inspiration and get updates furthermore.!

Thanks Deus. I couldn’t find anywhere in F-Droid to scan a QR code, but have now found the Settings → Repositories → + option and copied the URL to install it.

Does anyone know a public pod running the develop branch that I could test it with?

Any diaspora pod with version 0.7.99, that allows signups will do.

You can use with it’s filter capabilities to find one.

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Thanks for that. I’ve decided to install my own pod to try it out.