No default aspect for posting in mobile version

I was looking at the settings in both desktop and mobile version and noticed there is no option to set a default aspect for posting when using the mobile version. For the desktop version this is possible (and highly appreciated) Is this intentionally or an omission?
btw, the pod I am on is running the current latest version

The mobile version is missing many features. The people who developed it worked as hard as they could but were never able to finish everything.

A couple of years ago the decision was made to make the main ‘desktop’ version fully responsive and compliant with mobile/touch-screen devices. The layout is now fully responsive, but there are parts of it that don’t work so well on mobile/touch-screen devices (full-sized images served; hover behaviour; and so on).

Before this is done the front-end needs to be completely rewritten (see other discussions about that). That is going to take some time.

NP, I was just looking for confirmation. I do hope the devvs find time to add this feature to the mobile version of the interface since it is (IMO) quite useful.

It’s unlikely any more development will be done to the separate mobile version as the plan is to combine everything into a single version that will work well (and fully) on all devices.

Yes, it will be good to have all features available on mobile devices. Until such time as the front-end has been rewritten, you can always switch to the main version in order to do something that is unavailable in the mobile version.

Have you tried switching to “standard mode” in your phone browser? It should honor your default aspect, as well as giving you the ability to @ name people. The setting is in the hamburger near the bottom.