We’ve been talking about standardizing /statistics.json a bit and to make it a cross-project effort.

As a first steps towards that I put up a first draft here:

Is this something we want? Should we invite developers from other projects for comments?

If everybody agrees this is a good idea and we can lift draft status from version 1.0, I’d like to move the repository to diaspora/, just as an early note, let’s worry about it when it actually works out.

If you have general feedback and ideas about this project please use this discussion, if you have specific remarks please open issues at my repository or create pull requests.

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Awesome that you got around to do this, and sorry I didn’t :smiley: But looking at it, better that you did. Will comment at a better time or file issues :slight_smile:

+1 for moving it to diaspora when you think it’s ready.

<3 that would be a great step if we could get that implemented in all compatible projects

I like that idea. It’s one step towards federated networks working together (though it’s a small one).