Old video about Diaspora Design

Hi everybody!
I’m Mathis, an old italian user. i’m not a developer, i start this thread just to share my thoughts and see what you think.
to get to the point, yesterday i watched this video --> https://vimeo.com/37411394 and i was thinking how much i LOVED this design concept for diaspora posts . it remember me also all the "Makr.io " stuff that came later in that period ( the profile page was amazing).

I don’t remember what happened next, …so guys what do you think about this video?, is it possible implement some design features of it without change the all publisher?

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Yeah I’m curious as to what exactly was the ‘“Makr.io” stuff’. Was it abandoned? If so, why? I came across some remnants of it while coding but I never found any documentation relating to it so I’m interested in knowing.

Makr.io was another website created by diaspora founder (maxwell and Daniel), a website where you remixed images…memes. The cool thing about Makr.io was the design of the profile page, a mix of Tumbl, and google+.

This was a really creative thing the original devs tried to do. I remember it being put to a vote, and I actually voted, along with a bunch of other people, to implement this design. It looked really awesome. It looked really awesome. It was not awesome to use. If your post contained text, the comments and text became impossible to read at the same time because one was sitting on top of the other.

I remember deliberately going back to my stream to find the post I was looking at, so that I could get to an interface that made sense.

That interface had some seriously cool ideas, and I was excited to use it…until I actually tried to use it.