Option to copy the markup-text of a post or comment

Quite a few times, i’d like re-word a post or comment, or simply use certain parts multiple times.

Now i have to save the raw/markup-text elsewhere, or type everything by hand again.

If the D* interface would have an option to copy the markup text of an existing comment or post, that would save a lot of re-typing. (It’s kind of the next-best thing besides an edit option)

(I’m not sure if this should only work for my own comments&posts, or anyone’s comment&posts)

Converting this to a problem statement, how about…?

Users cannot easily view source of a post which would be suitable for posting.

Next question is, is there a simpler problem to solve? Viewing source of a diaspora post in the browser I can see the html which is rendered, but preview shows me that html can’t be entered directly.

problem statement in short could be:

Users want to see the markup text, so that they can re-use existing content

Desire isn’t a problem, but if the user can’t do what’s desired then that’s a problem.

Including markdown as part of the problem statement limits the solutions to those which either carry the original markdown through the db to the front-end or create some sort of translation from the html back to markdown.

I don’t know the technical background so just want to simplify the problem so a developer can tackle how they like as long as the problem is solved. Hypothetically speaking, if the front-end can show the html it’s rendering and accept html for posting, would it help?

:slight_smile: ok, maybe i should word it as follows;

With any post or comment, the user is already tasked to write the text in markup language. After comitting, the user cannot see the original markup-text again.

I want that original markup text, (because editing isn’t an option which afaik is discussed many times already) and use it for:

  • either creating a new/replacement post,
  • or i want to copy a piece of marked-up text and use it in either another comment or another post.