Organising photos

I’m glad Mediagoblin has been mentioned. I’ve donated part of my server to them for development. I think that GMG and Diaspora would be perfect partners. GMG has it over other systems, because it supports so many formats. I mean Youtube is great, but its not Opensource. Nor is it anything more than video. Now with Google looking to monetize even more of our personal content, I would be very wary about using something we cannot control. GMG supports Audio; Video; Images; Text; 3d Models… Could we ask for anything more?

D* really needs that API done. I know the devs struggle with it, but its the biggest thing holding back D*. Even if D* does not change for the next 2 years (apart from bug fixes), an API will push it to the next level.
I guarantee that there would be a huge outpouring of support from both sides of the fence if the API was completed. Even if it were just rudimentary.

Photo albums do play an important role in building the argument for a “social network”. I don’t think anyone will take the difficult path of joining diaspora + joining other sites for sharing photos. They can simply join any other existing social networking site where they can upload photos and share them in the same platform. And, from my experience, chat and photos are the two features that still forces users to stick to conventional social networking sites like Facebook even if they are aware of privacy infringement.

Why can’t we have a photo album that has privacy options similar to posts? Each photo is a post that can be commented/shared.

+1 for albums

We should deal with that smartly, and use tags to regroup posts containing photos. We could also possibly use the old beta profile, which was really nice to display images.

I’d like to add three things:

  1. I completely agree with Balasankars last post.
  2. An advantage of a tagged-post system over a directory system is that you can easily put one photo in multiple albums.
  3. As a fix for the problem of adding new contacts, I propose the following: when you’re viewing one of your aspects (i.e. the list of people in it), every contact would have a field for setting the point in time after which posts in this aspect are visible to the contact. By default, this time is set to the moment when you added the contact to the aspect, but you could move it back in time.
    It would also make sense then, that, when you remove a contact from an aspect, he would remain there (greyed out), but with another field added, stating the time of removal (unless no post were made to this aspect during his being-in-it).
    Finally, I think it would make sense if the poster could see which aspects he posted a post to (e.g. when hovering over “limited” - this information is already stored anyway, since you can filter your own posts by viewing different aspects). These features combined would make it 100% trackable whether person X can see post Y.

Proposal: Use #tags to organise uploaded photos

As proposed in the discussion, use Diaspora’s #tag system to organise photos rather than using Facebook-style static albums.

Outcome: We will use tags as the basis for organising uploaded photos.


  • Yes: 23
  • Abstain: 3
  • No: 7
  • Block: 0

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Have started a proposal to keep things moving.

@nickdowson “or the ability to use tags in a way that very much mimics albums” - in which situation you should vote “yes”

@macieklozinski - I’d rather have albums. Even if from a technical perspective or for non beginner users they are in fact tags! Or both.

Just to clarify, the UI could present photos sharing tags in a form that looks like an album. The question here is what is used to group photos into ‘albums’ (or whatever UI presentation is used) on the screen: do we use tags or do we get the user to place them into static albums which are then fixed. If we use tags to do this, there could be the option for the user to edit the tags so that the photo would then appear in different ‘albums’.

I know, the proposal is finished, but …

what does this Facebook album UI looks like?

However, I miss a link /photos (or similar) to see all photos, I’ve ever posted. The organising is secondary to me.

However, I miss a link /photos (or similar) to see all photos, I’ve ever posted.

Click on ‘View all’ by the photos in the sidebar of your profile page to see a list of all photos you’ve uploaded.

Ah, nice. Wasn’t aware of that! Thanks, @goob!

Glad to help. The photo stream is very basic and needs a lot of work.

I see. Repeated images … Hm, have to dig in further added to todo

There’s a bug which was introduced by that makes the photo stream ‘endless’ and repeats photos. Will be fixed asap.

One UI could be, for example, a list of photos filtered with the tag #family from my profile.

I imagine something like this:
When I look in my profile, I click on “View All” to see the photo stream, then at the side or up appears a list of used tags on my photos so you can filter all that stream. Or, instead a list of tags, a simple textbox where you can type the tag.

Can be posible something like that? is that difficult to implement?

Is there any news on this topic? I do think this is a key feature if we want Diaspora* to appeal even to people who don’t really mind about privacy.

Uploading photos is one of key features of every social network. When I upload photos on Facebook, it’s usually either one photo, or 20+ photos album. Latter is still not possible on Diaspora.

…all we need is someone to jump in and code this thing :slight_smile: Who is up for it?

Maybe donate something towards the feature on BountySource? That might get someone to jump on it earlier.