Organising photos

Proposal: Add album support

Add support to create albums, similar to Facebook.

Outcome: N/A


  • Yes: 4
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 6
  • Block: 2

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Hooray, yet another ‘I can haz?’ proposal. We decided before that we would like to use tags to organize photos. All we need is someone who implements it.

Now you created a new proposal which says

Add support to create albums, similar to Facebook.

What does “similar to Facebook“ mean? AFAIK Facebook doesn’t use hashtags to organize photos. How should they be organized instead? Should this proposal overrule the decision we made about a year ago? How do we federate the organization of photos “similar to Facebook“?

Oh please, albums are much better.

I’m not sure what the policy is on repolling about settled issues, so I weakened to disagree.

This vote is irrelevant because we’ve already voted on and decided a way to organise photos - with tags. Vote all you want, but it won’t make any difference.

I just wish everyone would read the guidelines on using Loomio before starting discussions/proposals… they are linked on the home page of this group, so it’s not easy to miss them.

Hooray, yet another ‘I can haz?’

There’s never enough ! :smiley:

Are you going to implement this, Lemon? No? Than please don’t start proposals. Especially not for topics that already have found a decision. If you’re not going to implement this feature, maybe you want to create some mockups and present them here. As I see you prefer albums and the community prefers tags for photo-organizing. Maybe these concepts can be brought together and look just like albums, but be technically tags instead. What do you mean?

First I agree that the current poll is not relevant enough and need to be refined.

But speaking of governance, the present debate raise some questions. The decision was taken one year ago, but the feature has not been implemented since. That means that the code remains basically unchanged concerning photo management, isn’t it? It seems to me that it may be useful to make a new poll in order to verify the opinion has not changed. Diaspora*, as every community, is a dynamic system. Especially, I guess a bigger part of its users come from Facebook, and even more are expected to come: don’t we have to take this into account? The point is not to do the same thing as Zuckerberg did but to take advantage of positive external experiences (and improve them). A new poll does not seems absurd to me:

  • In case of the same answer, we would confirm that the decision which has been taken is still relevant, and should definitely be implemented,
  • In case of a different one, it would give the opportunity to correct the direction before any implementation, and so better fit users expectancies at a minimal cost.

@rasmusfuhse: What I meant by “like Facebook” was that it should be familiar to user who’s coming to Diaspora from networks like Facebook or G+. Users expect to be able to upload more photos and put them in album. Other people expect to easily find albums on users profile. Tags don’t allow spaces and tagging albums like #MyTripToSpainIn2015Polaroids looks messy.

Actually you wouldn’t tag albums, you’d tag pictures directly. You could tag them as #spain #2015 #polaroids, but the #2015 tag is useless, if we can use the metadata of the photos to collect all photos you took in 2015. So the tags #spain and #polaroids would remain.

I’m all fine to align our design on the typical facebook user-experience. That is perfect. But the former proposal says “tags not albums”.

I started a wiki-page for creating a concept for this issue. I hope that this concept will make it easier for developers to know what they could or should implement, when they try to implement this issue. I guess, we can also break this issue down to a few issues that might be more easily be implemented than the whole thing.

The decision was taken one year ago, but the feature has not been implemented since.

That is purely and simply down to a lack of people developing features for Diaspora. Those few who are developing are busy working on more fundamental things. It is not because there’s a lack of certainty about implementing this feature as agreed in the previous vote.

@goob : I agree with you. My point is: there was no lack of certainty one year ago. But now the community has evolved, and it may be useful to question this again, to keep being in phase with users needs.

I think before ‘asking the question again’, one would need clear evidence that the previous decision is no longer applicable/appropriate for the project, or clear evidence that there is overwhelming support for a different decision. Otherwise we’re just pissing in the wind here in Loomio.

@rasmusfuhse I’ve edited your wiki article for English and clarity. Hope you’re happy with what I’ve done. Please check I haven’t changed your meaning unintentionally with my edits.

Good stuff @rasmusfuhse !

I’m thinking, could the first step be just visual - so a UI that would just group photos into “albums” based on posts (with uploaded) photos with hashtags? This way, it’s really just a way to view photos for posts so just a different type of stream.

Visibility obviously can be taken into account as you mention by looking at the aspects.

What I’m saying is, I’m not sure why we need to relate photos to hashtags, since posts already have that relation? We can always cache the streams in advance, but the data relations are already there.

Now if users want to like or comment on photos directly - things become different. I doubt that is going to come in the near future.

@jasonrobinson the difference is, when you have several postings with your photos: one posting tagged with #spain #polaroids and another posting with #italy #polaroids and another one with #spain #blackwhite images. In your approach this means three albums, which are the exact same as the postings. I thought of the tag-feature als seeing each tag as an album, so that would make one album #spain collecting all photos from posting one and three and another album #polaroids which collects all photos from #spain and #italy which are #polaroids and so on. The difference is, that one photo can be in different “albums”, which are in fact only tags but look and behave like albums.

I am not saying, that your approach is better or worse, but it is right now not the outcome of the first proposal here.

Your point is not bad, that when we display a photos as a single object, maybe people want to comment or like these photos as single objects and not as the whole posting. I’m not sure, if we should put this in the wiki-concept-page right now or if this is another feature.

Also Goob added to the wiki page:

Enable a user to change the hashtags associated with an individual photo ‘‘after’’ it has been uploaded.

That is not an unimportant point. Especially when you think of this photo feature not as a new stream or view but as “organising photos” like this thread is named, it is important to edit the tags of the photos independently from their postings. For example I upload several photos with #spain #polaroids in my posting and later I want a single image, which displays an ocean-coast to be also tagged with ocean, because I’d love to collect all my photos of oceans, where I have been.

By the way, thank you Goob! Help is always welcome.

@Rasmus: Very good points, I agree.