Other Pods unable to connect to me

I’ve stood up my pod and am able to connect to users on other pods but other pods are not able to find me in my pod. I’ve gone through the Podmin FAQ and everything is good. I’m not sure where else to check at this point.

Hey, unfortunately we cannot help you without a valid diaspora ID for a user on your pod :slight_smile:


For some reason https://social.milyard.us/.well-known/host-meta does not return the necessary file there. Are you maybe redirecting /.well-known/ to your Letsencrypt/ACME client rather than just /.well-known/acme-challenge/?

Ah, thanks. That’s helpful. Let me see what’s going on. I should note, I am using a bitnami packaged appliance. Any concern with that?

Lots :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately we have zero control over what happens there.

Maybe I should rebuild from scratch?

YMMV. But if you want to do that it’s the right time now before any other pod successfully fetched a profile from you, so you don’t need to care about preserving the database to preserve the encryption keys.

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