Outreach Initiative Proposal (Drafting Stage)

(jakobdee) #21

thinking conceptually … some form of marketing campaign involving dandelion seeds blown to the four winds would be an authentic representation of our aspirations?

(jakobdee) #22

i also think … especially with the work being done with Debian packaging … a dedicated D*iaspora OS would be a good route … though negotiations with existing distro would be easier … ive just always liked the idea of a default Ruby-heavy distro … one to highlight the languages feature set and also be a learning tool

([deactivated account]) #23

Cool, so many brilliant suggestions…let’s see some real action now :slight_smile: We need to proceed and do what we wanted to, right?

(jakobdee) #24

+1 agree … we need a framework for not only processing the ideas … but to have an overview of participants capabilities - opportunities - accessibilities … for the most efficient use of energies … talks on open source development where the across the mean average it works out that one developer is working on one application … just is asking for burn out on individuals … where as many with things to offer feel unconnected to any useful outlet … the emphasis is on being self propelled … but an overview with clarity would be handy for many … btw … this work is being done :wink:

(sumimasen) #25

@riderplus I am more than willing to take action, but I’m fairly new on D*, I don’t know if there is already some sort of organized group taking care of promotional /marketing activilties? ( If so please point me into the right direction :-)) I just found this loomio site a few days ago :slight_smile:

I will look into the thunderclap thing over the weekeind and I will try to think of ways to get Mr. Brands attention. Will start new discussion about that.

(Jason Robinson) #26

Great stuff! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if there is already some sort of organized group taking care of promotional /marketing activilties?

Well, nothing super organized. I handle the official (english) Facebook and Twitter accounts. @goob does most of the work with the official diaspora* account diasporahq@joindiaspora.com. Various other members are active in many ways, @flaburgan especially in the French community.

But there is nothing more organized than this. If you want something done, it’s pretty much those who do, get things done, since we’re all volunteers :slight_smile:

A thunderclap campaign sounds a really cool idea for the 1st of January - let’s do it! Now we just need the person who will take charge of getting that set up - @sumimasen ? The draft could be created here (maybe in it’s own thread)? Usually for “official” campaigns or larger social posts we work together on the text to finalize it so a good amount of interested people feel it’s good to use. Also you can get help on graphics etc from those who can do that.

Regarding this conversation as a whole and outreach things. Personally I would really love if diaspora had some really eager person that would love to do a lot of the social outreach stuff. Someone who would take point in setting up various campaigns, be eager to answer press emails (yes, we get those…), monitor the social media accounts, etc.

But that is another discussion. Just saying, if someone who is really interested in this kind of stuff feels like they want to involve themselves deeply in to the project - introduce yourself and start hanging around at core meetings :slight_smile:

([deactivated account]) #27

I’m still following your discussion and very enthusiastic about the thunderclap campaign. Go on!! I’ll help to spread the word. I’m very bad using IRC communications so I’ll keep reading the forum.

(sumimasen) #28

Thanks for the info @jasonrobinson!

(sumimasen) #29

@mflo https://www.loomio.org/d/pSiejGsJ/thunderclap-new-year-s-campaign

(Paul Sutton) #30

Off at a slight tangent here
The bbc had a short article on Vero a new social media network that seems to be gaining popularity due to lack of advertising on the platform, as Diaspora has the same (or similar policy on this) if the report is verifiable then we are on the right track, people are fed up of advertising.

Another article on the bbc http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43225987 is regarding facebooks changes affecting a small publishing site, again this is due to FB making changes so we should push the fact that the diaspora community discuss changes and implement them based on what USERS want rather what the senior team think is best for users.

It may be worth trying to reach out to these smaller companies (Too late for little things perhaps) and see if we can get them on here.