Package Diaspora for Linux distributions

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Proposal: Package Diaspora for Linux distributions.

One thing that would definitely help with some of Diaspora’s installation issues is to set up a PPA on LaunchPad, and package up Diaspora stable releases (see Release Cycle proposal).

With some help from some volunteers from the Ubuntu community, we could get it accepted into the Ubuntu universe repo, and Diaspora would be as easy to install as “sudo apt-get install diaspora”. Some ncurses installer would run for initial setup of config variables, and we could include a daemon that starts up the Diaspora instance upon booting the system.

Turning it on manually could be done as an Upstart job, with the podmin simply typing “diaspora start” or “diaspora stop”.

By packaging up for distributions, we can get better exposure to different communities that might otherwise not know about us. We could make setting up a Diaspora server stupidly easy for *nix users.

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Will it be benefitial to have vm images, amazon AMI, and bitnami stack also for diaspora along with linux package

I got a PKGBUILD (package for Archlinux) which should still work altough I haven’t tried for some time:

Thanks, Jonne!

Thanks, Jason! I think ideally, once we get some cleanup with D*, we should definitely think about starting up a PPA. Talk to Hans, he’s been working on some init scripts for starting up a Diaspora instance when a server starts up.

this is kinda hard, as ruby, rails and our other gems should have exactly the version specified, which is not necessarily the version available from a distros package management …

The state of ruby support in the mainline debian distros is quite a disaster frankly. Ubuntu dropped Ruby 1.9.3 support in 11.04 due to some significant issues in how things were being packaged. Going forward they will be packaging gems consistently with gem2deb. If you want to learn more about this or are really interested in helping improve the state of Ruby in Debian (and Ubuntu, Mint, et. al) this is a link to team that’s putting this together:

A possibly ideal future state could have a Diaspora package that did nothing but specify all the version dependencies for all of its gems, so that when you sudo apt-get install diaspora, you get everything you need (including git, and a script to fetch the stable branch).

Everything in life is hard. For D* pods to really pop up everywhere it needs to install easily. On Linux this should be through the package management system.

Hard yes, impossible not, long term future - yes please.

@Jason, true…
I guess we could vendor all the gems and just require a minimal ruby version.
I’d say this depends on the ‘git branching’ discussion, since we’d have to have a stable branch for packages to be spawned from, otherwise we’d practically have a new package, like, daily

The could be a consideration to centralize packaging efforts.

also, for the gem issue, see:

Openbuildservice looks interesting :stuck_out_tongue: