Person centric identity, trust chains or biometrics

Hi everyone. I’m currently looking at hosting my own diaspora pod for co-workers. We want a place to meet up like facebook but we want control of all our own data.

We will be hosting a private POD for initial testing to see how it works out with the goal of eventually making it public.

Our only question is does the diaspora community have any plans for implementing person-centric identity like supporting public/private key identification IE I have a private key on my machine that identifies me as me. The public key can be loaded into the pod and I can login without a password because my Diaspora pod knows it is me when I connect with my private key.

The other growing person-centric identity solution is biometrics, facial recognition or fingerprint ID. Does Diaspora have any plans to support one or both of these technologies in the future?

Thanks for your time and consideration of these matters, my co-workers and I look forward to your thoughts!



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Doesn’t password-less login work if you just keep the cookie? I’m not a friend of biometrics on diaspora. But you can try to convince me about how you would reconcile this with privacy…

¿biometrics?, I sincerely hope that we never think of implementing something similar in Diaspora*

Just thinking out loud: is there a way to fill in a URL with username and password in-line?

If yes, could that be printed in a QR code or other image?

What with all the selfies people take, I think facial recognition (FR?) login might be a bad idea, if security is what you’re concerned about.