"Please don’t start about twitter and/or facebook"

Thread closed… well done… the second time something is done around here to push people away.

Someone said:

You can use the “so much better” Diaspora* as you want. But if you cannot offer similar or better features than those two “monsters”, you (people behind Diaspora) will never make things change.

I have no profile in FB, nor Twitter (TW). But I need to use them to interact with people/places/things that only interact using their profiles in them. You may criticize those profiles for that - and I will probably agree with you. But this will not change the fact that their arguments that those 2 social networks are the best for what they need: people.

And when I say “I need”, I mean: share and read opinions on things the profile owner publishes; read things the profile owner shows there; suggest or discuss anything privately with the profile owner (which is usually not possible in TW).

No easy path of change is offered, and the best path seems too hard.

I can almost fully use FB in its “basic mobile” interface. I can almost fully use TW in its “basic mobile” interface. Diaspora cannot be used in a basic+simple way.

And I use XMPP, Diaspora (have an account somewhere) and email. How many people tried (or tries) them for me? XMPP: a few ones, and most of them stopped using it after sometime… we changed to using just emails; Diaspora: noone; email: just who used it already, and this number seems to be decreasing.

Related: https:// discourse. diasporafoundation. org/t/three-bad-usability-problems/1754

Are you going to be another of those people who pop up periodically and just argue and argue about things not being exactly the way you want them to be, on thread after thread; just creating noise? Deep sigh.

That is not my intention. But needless censorship is the worse choice people do. And I wrote several sentences that several people may read, think and (if they want, although not necessary) comment here - but they cannot do that in the previous thread (which I point in a free-er way in the original post of this discussion).

Okay, fine. I tried the nice route, but you apparently do not care.

Multiple times now, you have been made aware by several members of the team that your behaviour is disruptive. In an endless loop, you keep complaining about things you dislike about Discourse, while providing no actual feedback or discussions around the project we are working on - diaspora*. In my previous post liked above, I kindly asked you to re-read the rules we have established here, and it looks like you either do not care or you do not want to care. You have been asked to participate in a meaningful way multiple times, and yet, you still continue with whatever you are trying to do here. If you want to continue to claim how bad diaspora* is because of how Discourse has no “basic mobile interface”, then well, good luck. I am not going to let you do that here, or in any other official communication resource.

Closing off-topic, unproductive discussion with not even a slight chance of actionable outcomes is not needless censorship, it’s called moderation. Moderation is the difference between 4chan and a place where we can have productive discussion on our projects. With closing threads - and user accounts - we make sure discussions in this place stay open, civil, and result in something that everyone can act on. Your behavior is not conducive to the environment we maintain here.

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