Pod appears isolated ... unable to see other pods

My pod is isolated except for a connection to Diaspora* HQ. The podupti.me site reports my pod to be online and up 100% of the time but doesn’t report number of users, posts or comments. Have received no public posts from any other pod except for a single post from Diaspora* HQ asking about browsers I use.

Do I have a configuration issue that prevents other pods from sending / receiving data to/from my pod? How do I establish connections with other pods?

Hi there,
Assuming you don’t have a configuration problem, the way to get connected with other pods is to find a person on each of those pods and make a connection with them. It’s hard to know the best way, but one thing you could do is look through the public stream of an established pod – for instance, https://pod.diaspora.software/public or https://joindiaspora.com/public – and find people who post things you think you might want to read. Warning – you’ll have to read a lot of dross to find anything good! But if your concern is only to find people on different pods, that’s not so crucial. Look for people who get a fair bit of reaction to their posts, as that might signify someone who has a lot of connections (which are likely to include accounts on other pods).

Then, hover over their name until the hovercard appears, copy the ID (the full username@podname.tld) and put that name into the search bar on your home pod. This should kick your pod into establishing a connection with that user’s pod. Share with them to make a connection, and your pod should then start to receive public content from that pod.

If you’ve been using Diaspora for a while before setting up this pod and already know people in the network, you could start with their diaspora IDs.

If it’s more random people, you might want to set up a dummy account to do the sharing so that they’re not all linked to your personal account.

Re podupti.me, it will only show statistics from your pod if you have enabled those statistics to be made public in your config/diaspora.yml.

It’s odd you’ve only received a very old post from Diaspora HQ; possibly because someone on a pod that your pod is connected to recently made a comment on that post. How long has your pod been running, out of interest?

Anyway, that’s a way to try to start making connections. I wish there were an easier way when you open a pod but don’t already know people in the network.

One of the technical experts might be able to tell you more or suggest which config settings to check for problems, but I hope that helps for now. Good lucj!

My pod has been online since July 19 … 15 days. I have only communicated with people on the diaspora staff so have no other contacts. I will follow your suggestion on how to communicate with people on other pods. Hopefully that will activate more communication.

I am totally new to diaspora* … was tired of Facebook and decided that if I joined diaspora*, I wanted total control of my data … thus created my own pod. I’m sure you will see more posts from me with questions.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I would be honored to connect with you.