Possibility define own color scheme

There are some few words before, but this question is important for me.
No all people love this white scheme (I hate it).
But is there plan use own scheme?
It would be super define some pictures and backgrounds too.

Thank you for any answer.

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Proposal: Do you like idea of change color scheme?

Outcome: As an admin, closing this proposal as it has no content to vote on. Please first discuss, agree on what to vote on and then set up a vote. First need to discuss if there is even a need for a vote :slight_smile:


  • Yes: 2
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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I think changing the background is great. Colors is something pretty difficult to do and I’m not sure it’s really useful…

Why did you open a new discussion? This would perfectly fit into https://www.loomio.org/discussions/5577

Opening a proposal without prior discussion is also not good. Related wording a proposal as question, especially without any previous discussion, is bad. Do we vote on something? Is it a poll? I’m confused and don’t know what participating here would have for consequences.

As Jonne says what the proposal is (or even if there is a proposal) is not clear, nor why it has been made in a new discussion.

I think it’s a fine idea to create the possibility of design themes/skins, so that users can customise the look of diaspora for themselves. I don’t think it would be good to change the default design in any major way, however.

Personally I like the idea that a user should have some control by some theming. Not as far as MySpace went, but some simple ways to customize the look of your screen. Like Twitter for example has this.