Possible way to help funding D* development or podmins

Ok, so please be aware I’m typing this from my mobile phone, so it may be a little disjointed.

here is my idea. There is a site that allows you to embed a small amount of html within your own site to mine bit coins. http://www.bitcoinplus.com

What if we were to implement an opt in system, and you could choose to generate for either the podmin, or diaspora foundation?

The opt in will just insert the html in every page you view, and opting back out will remove it.

The way I envision it, is a check box in your account settings that is unticked by default, with a drop down to choose the podmin or D* foundation.

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I think it would be much more effective if we could organize so that as many diaspora users as possible pay $1 a year (or more if they want) to their podmin. This will finance most pods more than enough. All left overs (which in fact should be quite much) could be sent to the entity in charge (is it the Free Software Support Network?) and be used to finance D* development :slight_smile: Also could pods that didn’t get any donations be supported in some kind of solidarity network.

If the podmins agree on this it would be an easy way of financing everything, I think!

I think you’re kinda missing the point. We’ve tried that and similar actions in the past with little to no result.
Diaspora and Podmins cannot continue to ask for donations, as people get sick of hearing about it. I feel for @davidmorley at the moment, he has one of the largest pods, and is struggling for income to keep it alive.
This way, the users are able to choose whether to help or not, and it is seemless.
There is little to no cost to the user, and there is a constant supply of income.
It has the added benefit of being a currency that is universal and can be transferred to any country.
Also, it means that a user can choose who to support, either development or their host pod.

If we make it seemless, people will not care that their computer is generating income for D*/Pods while they’re browsing D*.

No harm, no foul, everybody wins.

Also, can you imagine the amount of income 1,000,000 computers all working in tandem will generate for the cause?

The other possibility is a screen saver like SETI@Home that utilizes the computing power during idle times to generate bitcoins.

Podmins already ask for donation, it’s usually not enough…

Perhaps we can add a 3rd option. Either you host pod; development or charity :slight_smile:

what about crowd funding like kickstarter. definetly peple will prefer d* over facebook

@karthikeyanak while it works, it’s fine. Buts no longer term solution, and it leaves the podmins without any income. If anything, the podmins will even lose money, because they will contribute to the kickstarter as well as still have to pay for the server they host on.

why not build an ad network. any people who opt in to see adds can view it

Adverts. Its the problem that faces other social networks. how to monetize it. Adverts fail, because inevitably they are pushed more and more into the face of the user. Eventually the owner of the service starts prying into the way their users browse their services. Next thing you know, there are privacy concerns. Not ideal. Not at all.