Private messages/Conversations should load in reverse order

In short: I have conversations which have over 600 messages. That’s a lot to scroll down. I already talked about this on Github #6443.

I would like to see that fixed by copying the way facebook or twitter deals with that problem:

We already talked about this in October 2015 on Github and it was tagged by needs loomio, so it would be nice to get that implemented.

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I’m not sure there’s a benefit in loading the contributions to a conversation in reverse order, as you want to read the contributions in the order that they were written, not in reverse order. I think the best solution would be for the conversation to jump automatically to the first unread message in the conversation.

Same here, it can easily been fixed with an automatic scroll to the last unread message, either via Javascript of a URL hashtag (like this: https://diaspora.tld/conversations/2#latest).

I justed used “in reverse order” to shorten what I actually mean. That’s why I entered the examples. The order of the messages is not reversed, but of what I actually see at first is.

Not that easy… If you have a conversation with thousands of messages, you don’t want to download all of them and then jump to the end.

We could pull the last 5 messages (like we do it with 3 comments under a post in the stream) and then load the next 20, when we scroll up (quite like endless scrolling in the stream, just up except for down).

This a good idea, although less easy than what I suggested. I suggest you edit the misleading title and the original post with what you just described. How are long conversations currently handled?

I think this would be useful, as SPV page loading slows to a crawl for me when a post gets more than ~30 comments.