Problem with ca bundle certificate

Hey, I’m installing my own pod in I have my own certificates and my apache web sites check ssl correctly.
I only have a problem in Sidekiq: DiasporaFederation::Discovery::DiscoveryError: Failed to fetch for Faraday::ConnectionFailed: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates

I tried to point my diaspora.yml certificate_authorities: line to everything but I cannot have my pod communicate with others.
My certficates are from Rapid_SSL and they work well since 2 years:
rapidssl_wildcard.pem is my own cert working for *
private.key is my private
intermediate_ca.pem is the intermediate chain for CA

What is supposed to expect the configuration file for this line?
Actually I have certificate_authorities: ‘/etc/apache2/ssl_RapidSSL/intermediate_ca.pem’


This has nothing to do with your certificate, it’s to validate the other pods certificates. So you need to set this to the CA bundle of your distro (and check if the package which contains it is installed), the most common are already listed in the example file, if your system is setup differently then you need to set it to whereever your system has the CA-bundle.

OHH, me stupid! I was so concentrated on my SSL that I forgot the rest the world.
TY for fast and effective answer.