Profile avatar picture import bugs [solved] [Firefox Bug]

Hey, I have a bug with the dev version when importing picture in the profile page for avatar : the new import interface (the one with tools) changes the color when uploaded turning it to green. (I use with FF59 debian 9).

eg : this
from that

I can’t reproduce that, when I download your image and upload it again, it works as it should. It’s cropped but it’s not green.

Hi, now the bug turn it into pink. I just retried, slighter change. There seems to be a random effect of this bug, making it harder to reproduce. Occurs only with the version on diaspora-fr, not the stable one.

There was a bug in firefox which corrupts images, maybe it’s that bug (which was a firefox bug and not a diaspora bug)? Do you have the same problem with other browsers?

Otherwise I have no idea what it could be, and I can’t reproduce it.

I have just tested it with chromium : no bug indeed, so it is Firefox related (color bug not corrected in the 60.0 FF version).
Thanks for your attention.