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The v0.1.0.0 is coming soon, I think it could be great to promote it when it will be out, by writing a post per day using the DiasporaHQ account presenting a feature / awesome bug fix.

I think in general we do not use enough the DiasporaHQ account. I’d like to see more people with access to it, for example @Goob. We should create a little buzz for this new version, and try to interact more with our users.

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Proposal: Give access to the DiasporaHQ account to some community members

We should improve communication around the project and the DiasporaHQ account is the best way to do that inside Diaspora*. To increase the number of the person with access to this account is a good solution.

Outcome: Goob and Flaburgan now have access to the DiasporaHQ account. Thank you to everyone who voted.


  • Yes: 13
  • Abstain: 0
  • No: 0
  • Block: 0

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I have already posted that on the federation improvment discussion but maybe it is better posted here.

To me the buzz must also address the two main goals of D* : decentralization and migration. This why a public post on DiasporaHQ and the website (and elesewhere) with simple explanations for users about what federation is, the problems and a small roadmap will be good for people to follow what is going oh here…

I believe indeed that pod communications (ie federation), which is decentralization, and account migration from one pod to another are what make D* special and really needed. This is all about the first fundraising at kickstarter and its success. And the rapid growth of the number of users. As long as they are not implemented and working, D* goals are not achieved and people will not see the point of such a social network among so many others.

This why communication toward users and newby devs should be more clear about these two points (decentralization and migration).

About giving DiasporaHQ creds to more people. I really think the proposal should outline who those are given to. Community isn’t saying much since we are all community. :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone will object to the DiasporaHQ account being used more but it should be a matter of proper rules of usage by a set of people who will be handling communications - just spreading the password around will not help.

I agree it would be good to have more activity from the Diaspora HQ account (and also from the Diaspora Twitter and Facebook accounts), and also that it would be good to have several more people who are able to do this.

I also agree with Jason that it would be good to have more clarity over who would have this access and what they would use it for.

I suggest that it would be best given to those closest to the project and what is changing/happening at the moment: so, in addition to Sean: Jonne, Florian and a could of others. This is of course if they feel happy to take on another task and one of this kind - that is entirely up to them.

But in principle, yes it’s a good idea to improve the amount and consistency of communication to community members and the wider public.

I’m totally okay with this, in fact I’ve indicated in the past that volunteers that want to help out with the various DiasporaHQ accounts are more than welcome to join in. Just ping me on Diaspora with the network of choice you’d like to help with.

Also, check here. It would do well to figure out a way to get potential volunteers on the same page in regards to what is posted.

What are the next steps? When we publish v0.1.0.0?

What about Last post from October 29, 2012? No buzz! No promotion?

What about Last post from October 18, 2012? No buzz! No promotion?

The existing DiasporaHQ blog entries have moved onto the new Diaspora Project site, under news. I have every intention of keeping News updated, and would be more than happy to accept help from volunteers on running it. I think it could be made comparable to KDE Dot in that it gives out important updates about the news of the overall project, and it could be differentiated from the hosted blogs.

@seantilleycommunit I prepared some posts describing the features included in the new version of Diaspora*

Do you guys agree to give me access to the DiasporaHQ account?

If not, should I give my work to Sean to post it with DIasporaHQ or should I post it myself and you can reshare it after?

@flaburgan You rock. Message me the posts you want to post on D*, and we can discuss where the posts might fit best. Really, it depends on the length of the posts, and the content of them. If the posts are long enough, we could probably just put them up as either Blog or News entries on the upcoming project site.

As I’m not a native speaker, I did not write a big post, it’s only 7 small ones which describe a feature of the new release, with a screenshot.


(Please, correct any error in english you find. These posts were tested with the previewer and should be nice displayed)

So what do you think? I post it with my account, or with DiasporaHQ?(@seantilleycommunit but also the others :p)

DiasporaHQ is the best solution for me

I agree. DiasporaHQ should be the best solution.

+1 for posting those from DiasporaHQ. WIll try to read through them in a few hours :stuck_out_tongue:

@flaburgan - this is great work. Thanks.

I hope you don’t mind, I’ve gone through and made some edits. Mainly little corrections to the English, and also I have added more descriptions of the features. (Hopefully these descriptions are accurate!)

A couple of suggestions, which I haven’t actually changed:

  • remove the totally over-used (and also regional) word ‘awesome’. If it must be used, just use it once, perhaps in the ‘overview’ post, something like ‘the new release includes some awesome features’, but I’d vote for dropping it completely, as it adds nothing, runs the risk of ‘over-selling’ the release, and in any case the ‘awesomeness’ of the features speaks for itself.
  • not sure about #fuckyeah as a tag, although it made me laugh. (Ditto #awesome here.)

Hope my edits and suggestions are useful.

So are we ready to release? Sean, could you either give posting rights to DiasporaHQ account (Twitter, Facebook too) - or do the posting yourself for now?

I’d say no more than one post per day - otherwise the the efficiency of getting the message across goes to waste. And then everyone reshare/tweet/share like hell :slight_smile:

Ps. Diaspora* official Google+ account would be needed too imho. Sean or appointed social media persons? :slight_smile: is free - take it!

@diaspeu I have a 404 with your link…

@goob I don’t know what to think about “awesome”. In Mozilla, everthing done is directly qualified as “awesome”, don’t know if it’s too much or not…

@goob I don’t think we should list the feature in the first post, let’s create the buzz by putting suspense!