Proposal for a change in invitations

The current invite link is confusing. I suggest a change in behaviour of that url.

The link url would lead to a page saying that [Name] username@pod would like to connect with you. Below that would be three options.

  • The first would be ‘Ok - I am a diaspora user’

    • Clicking on this would ask for your username@yourpod and take you to the inviter’s profile on your own pod, giving the invitee an option to connect.
  • The next option would say ‘Ok - I am not already a disapora user’

    • This would go to the sign up page
    • The inviter would automatically have the new user added as a contact
    • After or as a part of the welcome page, it would ask the new user if they want to connect with the inviter
  • The final option would say ‘No Thanks’ and thank people for stopping by if they click on it.

This proposed change would allow users to more easily connect with their real-life contacts and allow new users on diaspora to find each other more easily. Many new users are confused by the username@pod identification and this would both reinforce that reference while also providing a more intuitive way for people to connect.

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Good idea !

This sounds great!

The inviter would automatically have the new user added as a contact

But not vice versa? And which aspect should the user be added to? I think a notification with an option to add the other one to an aspect is a better solution. :slight_smile:

Very good idea!