Put a link to the /admin_panel page on the main dropdown menu

Currently a podmin has an Admin link in the main menu which links to:


I would like to suggest we add in another link to the Admin Panel page of:


The main reason for this is because the /admin_panel page is not currently linked from anywhere in Diaspora.

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https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/4800 already mentions this. I don’t think we need a thread to discuss this. We just need someone to implement it.

Cool! I’ll give it a bump :slight_smile:

Further to my first post, I don’t now think the link should be in the main drop menu. I think the link would sit better in the /admins page. Perhaps just after the Sidekiq link.

Definitely not in the main menu, perhaps in the menu of the admin page. But on framasphere, some persons have the admin role without having an ssh access to the server, to be able to moderate. They have access to the /admin_panel route but they just don’t know about it. That’s why I’m not sure I want a link there, at least until we have a “moderator” role (see https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/5324)

Oh well, that’s that then.

Just fyi though:

They have access to the /admin_panel route but they just don’t know about it

Risky, no?

If you guys are intent on it not being linked to, you might want to consider removing reference to it from the wiki (and anywhere else it might be mentioned) - just in case those moderators stumble across it :slight_smile:

They can already delete any post they want, I trust them if they find it, I just don’t want to “promote” it at the moment. But it should not be a blocker, this is my problem, not diaspora’s one. I could add a .htaccess to ask for a password on the /admin_panel url for example.

IMHO adding the link will only work on small pods or larger ones with super hardware. Even on my not so big pod loading admin_panel times out :stuck_out_tongue:

So not really useful to add as a normal podmin tool. We should instead improve the admin tools.