Question about pods visibility


I am new on diaspora. I use the framasphere pod.
I would like to know if I can contact and read people who don’t use framasphere - I mean people using other pods, like mastodon for example ?
Is the community exists between pods ?

Thank you

Hi @Romain, and welcome to diaspora* :slight_smile:
You can read and interact with people from all other diaspora* pods. Mastodon and diaspora* aren’t connected though, these are separate networks.

Hi Waithamai
Thank you for your answer.
When we choose a pod on poduptime there are a lot. How can we know which are connected ? For example, I saw on the list.
And, I use Framasphere. Is it a Pod or a network ?
Is there any possibility to be connected if I open an accont on Mastodon ?
Thank you for your informations.

Ah, yes. Poduptime has become confusing since they added all kinds of networks :wink:
You can filter the list by protocols: Type “diaspora” into the text box under “Protocols”. All servers that are still included in the list are connected to your framasphere pod :slight_smile:

diaspora* is the name of the network consisting of several different servers, called “pods”. Framasphere is one of these pods.

You can open a Mastodon account and connect with other Mastodon users, but you can’t connect your mastodon and diaspora* accounts.

Ok, I start to understand.
In fact, Mastodon and Diaspora are not connected but they are also totally different… not the same tool, but maybe the same frame of mind, or philosophy. Maybe it could be exist an app or a service app in Diaspora, like with tumblrr or twitter ?
Thank you for your explication.:grinning:
I will try to influence friends to leave FB :wink:

Currently there is no connection possible between Diaspora and ActivityPub based systems like Pleroma, Pixelfed or Mastodon. Also there are currently no plans connecting them.

Is it a competition problem ? It should not. But I don’t know what is the economic model of Diaspora and ActivityPub. People are volunteer ? Because there is no pub, isnt’it ?

I’m not understanding everything you wrote. All systems that are using protocols like Diaspora or ActivityPub are open source based systems without any commercial intention.

The decision to support a protocol - or to not support it - is made by the developers of these systems. They can have different reasons, but competition is none of them, I think.

It’s a technical issue. There’s an initial response by one of diaspora*'s core developers in this comment, and then, once he had more time to consider the matter, a long blog post, and a follow-up blog post a year later. These are long and quite technical, but can help you to understand the issues if you want to read them.

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Dennis does see problems in the specification of the ActivityPub protocol. But since Diaspora is an open source project, it could happen that a (new) developer could write an implementation for Diaspora. From a pure technical view there are no unsolvable problems for doing so.

I guess the best way by now is to simply have two accounts. One on the Diaspora network, one on the ActivityPub network and to use them both. It’s more or less like using Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

sorry : pub = advertising

Thank you for this informations. I will read these links.