Reanimate is broken for a long time. @seantilleycommunitymanager where is the source code? We would like to fix it :slight_smile:

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I think that the important part to fix is the API, after that, we will be able to develop all the applications we want…

Totally agree with Flaburgan…

I’m planning to use Diaspora* API for a new APP, the “Diaspora Bitcoin Wallet”… :wink:

Don’t know if it is better to devel this APP using its API or, add the required support within Diaspora* itself…


It is better to fix / re build the API, and after, to use it :slight_smile:

My understanding is, as Flaburgan suggests, that the API needs to be fixed/finalised before it’s worth developing apps, as if it is radically changed again, the apps might just break again… more frustration for users. Better to sort out the fundamentals, and once that’s one, everyone can go crazy developing wonderful apps for Diaspora.

diasp_eu, would you be willing to help sort out some of the problems with the API and architecture, to bring forward the date when it’s ready for apps to be developed?

Everybody, please do not have the impression that there’s any API to improve or rebuild currently, it got completely ripped off and shouldn’t be resurrected.

Let’s do small steps and fix the bug to reanimate

Oh OK, sorry Jonne, I’m not great on technical terminology, I was led by what Flaburgan said. The best I could say would be ‘the fundamental stuff wot makes the other stuff like Cubbies work’.

@diaspeu there’s no bug. What used simply doesn’t exist anymore.

And it’s closed source too. I say just remove everything related to it - unless the guys who hold the code open source it :slight_smile:

R.I.P. q_q

Good to know :slight_smile:

Can we kill I always thought it was a shitty idea, and it just serves to confuse people now.

Tom: Yeah, I think we can. Let’s remove everything talking about it.

I think that it would be great to have something similar to, that allows users to easily link to content. The big question with Diaspora is, why do users want to visit? One big reason they want to visit is to see things that other users have posted. Anything that facilitates that should be encouraged.

What was so great about was: I read a funny comic, or see a picture, and…Shift-click, bam! I’ve posted it. It made it very, very easy for people to post stuff. It was fun, it was addictive, and it gave people a reason to use Diaspora.

I know that there’s much more important stuff for the devs to worry about, but I would like to see some easy-post widget like that again.

If is not opensource and can’t be fixed I’d be totally for removing everything related.

Brent, does the bookmarklet not do a similar job to what you’re talking about? My understanding is you see something on line, click the bookmarklet icon and it gets posted to Diaspora.

I thought Cubbies was more about uploading your own photos to albums - that was how I used it (not that I used it much).

I could try asking Maxwell to release the source code under a Free Software license.

Diaspora currently doesn’t have oAuth, so the community devs will probably need to start a new discussion centered around that. There have been suggestions to use openid, or we could implement oAuth. Or, if the Diaspora-Tent prototype ends up being a suitable candidate, we could probably make a Tent app.

It could make for a good example API application, especially if the code was well-documented.
With some experimentation, we could probably make it work with authentication for several different social projects at once, like Friendica, Libertree, and Tent.

I could see that being a good outreach initiative for connecting to other projects, and eventually bringing a better convergence of federation standards and implementations to the table.

Sounds like a great idea (or several great ideas), Sean.

There are a lot of programmers out there who want to create something around Diaspora*, but can’t/don’t want to code in ruby. As long as they don’t continiously lie to me, they are really in the need of an open API for Diaspora*. Once an even simple API is there, a lot of smartphone-apps and desktop-programs or even small blogging-widgets might evolve and vitalize the diaspora-community.