Recover Deleted Account On

I remember that I used Diapora account several years ago, I even have a record in my password manager for, however it doesn’t pass the sign in.

If I try to recover password with my current email and an old one I don’t receive an email.

I suspect that I deleted my account several years ago.

  1. May I check that it was deleted?
  2. May it be recovered?

Hi there!

I suggest reaching out to tthe podmins for details:, as they are the only one who can help you with finding the account if it’s still there.

However, if the account was deleted, there is no way to undo/recover that. The only chance you have is to start a new account with a different username.

Thanks for your reply.

When I try to create a ticket on I get “403 Forbidden” response, tried it three times, with vpn and without.

Is there any other way to reach their support?

I’ve just tried the support form as well and received the 403 error, so it’s not just you. I’ve sent a message to the podmin to alert them to your support request here. Hopefully they’ll be able to contact you directly via this thread.

To check whether or not the account has been deleted, you could try entering the following URL: (replacing user_name with your user name). If the account has been deleted, you should be redirected to the home page and see a green flash banner reading ‘This account has been closed.’ If you see the account page (with any public posts you might have made years ago), that means your account is still on the server and should be recoverable.



Sorry to hear this. I have the same problem several months ago after three months of login out.

Many servers have different rules. Some just allow few months of disconnection (as that allows three). Other as joindiaspora has no limit. The average time is two or three years.

Could you information be recovered? Sadly no. But there was a email sent to you which should have informed you about the account deletion, if it was.

Anyway you could set a new account in another server. I suggest Pluspora, because it’s the server with more active users right now.

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