Refactoring the Single Post View

Hey everyone! Love to see all the proposals you’ve come up with! Having the comments on the side seems to be an fantastic idea!

However, one of the most important things about the single-post view, in my opinion, is the clean, aesthetic look. The ability to hide all comments is of big importance in this subject, and I propose that we keep that. Whether this is done with a show-comments button or in another way doesn’t really matter, but the comments shouldn’t distract from the main content.

Hiding the comments doesn’t mean we have to abandon the double scrollbars or the following commentbox or anything like that, it’s just a way of implementing this idea in a more slick and diasporich way! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I made an “concept drawing” or something too. Just follow the link below and please do not read the source code, it looks like crap :wink:

add the possibility to hide the interaction panel is a really good idea. But should we show it or hide it by default?

@ivangabrielmorn @flaburgan I made my point about this earlier, I’d like to encourage you to read it again. It’s he comment with the most likes in this discussion, so I don’t think I’m too overreacting by heavily emphasizing that. The main usage for the SPV isn’t consumption, that happens in the stream. It’s about interaction. Coming back answering comments. That sort of stuff.

I tend to agree with Jonne here about the hiding stuff :slight_smile:

Just a precision, the width is currently 55% for the content panel and 45% - (margin + padding) for the interaction panel

Plus padding and margin, so it looks more like a 2/3 split to me.


I read again your comment Jonne and I disagree about the major part is interaction.

I do think the single post view is about communication >and not about presentation, it’s the stream that >presents, where you discover things, it’s the single post >view where you interact, communicate.

You can do everything directly in the stream : read the post, like, reshare, comment, read comments… Every interaction possible with the single post view can already be done using the stream. But a long article, or a post containing many pictures is not pleasant to read in the stream because of the small width. If you want to quickly answer to a post, you can do that in the stream.

So for me, the single post view should be more content oriented.

Adding to that, you cannot read in two different places in the same time, so switch from content to interactions has to be easy, but do we really need to present both in the same time ? (it’s a real question, not a rhetoric one :p)

I will create the first Sean suggestion to help us make a choice. It will be available here soon.

The proposition is on line. Another big advantage : this single post view is perfect for mobile navigation…

Then let me quote myself too:

If that’s not the case we should stop linking it from the notifications.

I agree that you start interaction in the stream. But you don’t maintain it there.

I think about that too. The link in notification could be directly on #interaction-frame, as done in this last proposition with the arrow down.

I like the two different approaches, what i’m talking about is just suggestions

(we can even link directly to the comment in notification, not only on the post page)

@jonneha That’s right. But wouldn’t it then be better to optimize the SPV for both presentation and interaction? Personally I stand for hiding the comments on one side. So I would suggest to open the SPV with “comment bar” opened when coming from a notification. Otherwise I think it’s not too bad to be able to hide the comments and get a slick way of presenting content plus that, what Fla said, we could easily link to the relevant comment :slight_smile:

I mean, do we really need all that space? How would a post optimized for all that space look in the streams? And I still like the full width layout a lot more. There’s space on my screen! Lets use it!

There’s space on my screen! Lets use it!

Speaking only about design, the double design is really more heavy than the not divided one. It’s like the main Diaspora design, we could put float:left and float:right on the two column and let the stream occupy the whole space, but by doing that, the screen become really heavy (I don’t know the word but I think you understand)

Guess that’s going to be a majority decision then, because I mostly feel the opposite way. Indeed I think I’d like it if we gave the stream+sidebars at least 90% of available the space :slight_smile:

(I think the term you searched for is overloaded.)

yep thank you, overloaded is the word.

It’s all about “modern design” vs “best usability”.
I’d also like to see the stream+sidebars to 90%. But Diaspora is more design oriented, which can e a good thing, look at friendica and libertree…

So I really don’t know. I think the important points are :

  • The content and the interactions have to be accessible in a few click

  • Content has to be correctly displayed

  • The svp should not give the impression to be a separate website

If this is respected, I’m happy :smiley:

The current single post view shows that posts do not like to be stretched to the whole monitor. It just looks ugly. I’d prefer to keep a more consistent design with the main stream and split the screen in two - posts and comments.

Mobile users have a separate UI so those screens shouldn’t matter here - unless we are planning on going responsive which would be a bigger change.

Okay so to help us choose, I’m back with a new work : trying to see with different content.

So for each possible views, I put three different contents : the first one is a huge text (an article from wikipedia), the second one is a text with only one line, the third one is a post with 6 pictures.

Here are the links:

Comments on the left, double scrolls:
Big text, Short text, Pictures

Comments on the left, unique scroll:
Big text, Short text, Pictures

Comments at the bottom:
Big text, Short text, Pictures

So, what do you prefer ?

(will be on line soon, no ftp at work)

After playing with all of them, I still think I like the double scroll the most.